Backflow FAQ

Q: What is a Backflow?
A:Backflow is the reversal of flow of non potable water or other undesirable substances through a cross connection into the consumer's or public potable water.

Q: What is a Backflow Assembly?
A: A backflow assembly is an approved, testable assembly which uses valves in different configurations to prevent polluted or contaminated water from reversing direction and flowing backward. Common uses are on fire sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, boiler make-up and domestic water services.

Q: What Is A Backflow Preventer?
A: As its name implies, a backflow preventer is a device used to ensure that un-potable water does not contaminate potable water. There are many types of backflow preventers such as the double check valve assembly, pressure vacuum breaker assembly, and the reduced pressure principle assembly. The residential double check valve is another example of a mechanical backflow preventer.

Q: Why Protect Against Backflow?
A: Backflow can contaminate the water system, making it unsafe to drink. Each water supplier is required to ensure that their product is safe to use, to the best of their ability. Consumers assume that the water being supplied to them is safe and it is the responsibility of water suppliers to make sure that it is.

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